Basketball game, Basketball rules, History of basketball

Basketball is a very popular sport. People like to play it a lot. Basketball game, Basketball rules, History of basketball. There are many benefits of playing it, it keeps the mind stable and physically healthy. There are many rules to play it. Which we are going to tell you in detail. please read it carefully.

Basketball Rules

In basketball, a team consists of 12 players, with only 5 people playing in a team on the court. And 5 people also play from other team. To win, one team has to score more than the other team. If we talk about time, 40 minutes of matches are played in India. And there are matches of 10-10 minutes or 8-8 minutes. In college matches, these are the total number of official tournaments held. And it depends on the coach of the college that what will be the length of the match.

Basketball Position

Positions in Basketball Five different players have five different positions. Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, Center
The point guard is often the shortest player with excellent passing and reball skills. And it dictates the game. Like carry and carry even in NBA games, the height in different positions will continue to increase gradually.
In the end, the one who is in the center has his job to remove the rebound, block the shorts, and get the basketball by entering the stomach, he is a taller and bigger player on his team. Which contributes a lot in taking his team forward.

Basketball Foul

Personal foul is a foul in which you cannot catch, hit, drop and push any player, these four things you cannot do. And this happens to you by chance, a foul will be added to your account and the ball will be given to the team in front.
If the player was attempting 3 points and got a basket, he would only get 1 free throw; If he was making 3 attempts and didn’t get the basket, he would get 3 free throws. And he was attempting 2 points and got a basket, he would get 1 free throw and if he was attempting 2 points and the basket was not score, he would get 2 free throws.
In this, technical foul means small fat foul and flagrant foul means very bad foul.
Which is basketball. It is played in 4 quarters. And each quarter is play for 12 minutes. Because if anyone fouls after the fifth foul in every quarter, 2 free throws are given. And what are these 5 fouls. He is involve in the whole team. And all these rules are the rules of the NBA.

Walking and Dribble Violations

  1. Walking and Dribble Violations – If a player moves to dribble the ball and moves towards the ball, it is very important to dribble while the ball is moving. In case of a walk violation, the ball will be given directly to the other team.
  2. Even when hitting a lay-up, you can only do two moves. And you can score. Only then will it be count as legal. If you take more steps. When hitting the ball lay-up, it will be count as a travel violation.
  3. If you are debating the referee’s decision. Or you’re arguing with another player over whether to hit the basket. So you can be a technical foul in these things. If the referee commits two technical fouls. Then you will be kick out of the match.

Flagant Foul

Flagant Foul – Flagant foul is that foul. A player who intentionally tries to hurt another player.

Shooting Foul

Shooting foul – If the shooter is in the air and he is suiting the ball towards the basketball. So in such a situation the job of the dependent is that he stops the ball by jumping with his hands, it is call a block. But if while blocking the ball, the dependent’s hand falls on the shooter’s body or in his hand, then it is call. Shooting foul. If the shooter is behind the 3 point line when he fouls, he gets 3 free throws.

History of basketball

Basketball was invented by James Naismith, a native of both Canada and America. And it was discover in America in 1891 and
Federation of World Basketball was establish in Switzerland and its headquarter is in Mies. Indian Association Basketball was establishe in 1950 and its office is in New Delhi. And it was included in the Olympics in 1936 And basketball was included in the Asian Games in 1951.
And Women’s basketball was include in the 1976 Olympics. Its international association is FIBA. Its headquarter is located in Mies. Current president is Hamane Niang. And its first president was James Naismith. And the current President of Basketball Association of India is K Govindraj.

Benefits of Playing Basketball

 There are many benefits of playing basketball which we are going to tell you in detail.

  • Playing basketball stretches the muscles, which increases our height.
  • By playing it, our ability to fight against diseases increases, so that we do not get any kind of disease.
  • Playing basketball keeps our body healthy and energetic. And we feel happy inside.
  • The chances of going into depression from playing basketball are negligible.
  • Playing it keeps us physically and mentally fit.


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