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Health benefits, Health tips, World Health Organization

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Health benefits, Health tips, World Health Organization you can follow. You can ups it in your life and a new improvement on your health and body. By following this, your mind is positive and fresh. It also includes some practical tips for better health, and many good ideas on how we can live healthier lives. Promoting good health and preventing ill-health are at the heart of \The Health of the Nation. Start with a regular bedtime and a regular waking time every morning, and then roughly plan out your weekday routine. Here are some tips to help you enjoy healthier living.


  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Morning activity

  • Afternoon activity

  • Evening activity

  • Night activity

  • Focus towards work

  • Drink enough water

  • comfort zone

  • Give yourself time

  • Learn something new every day


World Health Organization, Health benefits, Health tips


Eat a healthy diet

  1. Eat a healthy diet – The various essential elements for a good diet can be incorporated.
  • you need to take a proper healthy diet that includes green vegetables and fruits.
  • don’t think if veggies or fruits as optional side dishes, but as crucial parts of every balanced meal.
  • make fruit and vegetable smoothies to eat for breakfast every day.
  • use a lot of green vegetables, like kale and spinach, for best results.
  • make sure to eat a balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains ,and fish lean protein every day.

World Health Organization, Health benefits, Health tips


Morning activity

  1. Morning activity – The following things should be done as you get up in the morning.
  • Start your day by drinking a large glass of water when you wake up, before you eat breakfast.
  • one must eat an apple first thing in the morning.
  • Get plenty of exercise and eat healthily in order to keep your energy and spirits up.
  • after you exercise in the morning, you can make your breakfast include apple banana, egg ,milk, papaya pomegranate, etc.


Afternoon activity

  1. Afternoon activity- In the afternoon you can also include the following activities.
  • avoid heavy meals in the summer months, especially during hot days.
  • You should sleep for 2 hours in the afternoon, half an hour after a meal or an hour after. We get so tired that our energy is exhausted and our body does not have energy for a long time. Sleeping in the afternoon removes fatigue. And we start feeling powerful.
  • In the afternoon in the summer season you can take yogurt, lassies, buttermilk etc.


Evening activity

  1. Evening activity- you can also take vitamin – rich protein in the evening.
  • In the evening, you can go to the park and do some walking exercises. This will keep your mood fresh.
  • In a healthy diet, you can have sugarcane juice mango juice pomegranate juice and eggs. A well balanced diet helps keep you both healthy and fit.
  • you can even try moderate exercise, such as going for a brisk walk.


Night activity

  1. Night activity- For a healthy body you can  observe the following activities at night.
  • You should eat light meals at night and avoid too much. This reduces the risk of disease in our body.
  • Night you should sleep at 11:00 and wake up at 4:00 in the morning. And 2 hours must surely sleep in the afternoon. This reduces the risk of getting sick and also completes our 7 hours of sleep. We need seven hours of sleep for a healthy body.
  • A warm glass of milk should be taken before going to bed at night. It active our bodies and stimulated excellent sleep.


Focus towards work

  1. Focus towards work- Stay focused work. It keeps our brains from going negativity and keeps as healthy. Give your work right direction which is most necessary. Do the same thing first. feel comfortable when you’re done. So stay focused towards your work.


Drink enough water

7. Drink enough water- Drinking more water

  • lots of water. at least 8 glasses of water.
  • The body needs a sufficient amount of water to build muscle at
  • an optimal rate. Drink plenty of water. Not drinking enough water
    The eyes feel dry, itchy and sore.


Comfort zone

  1. Comfort zone- you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone if

you want to get better.  A simple way to get out of the comfort

zone. you complete your work on time. Get out of your own comfort zone.

learn about things that might not be your keenest interest.


Give yourself time

  1. Give yourself time- make a specific time for yourselffantasies so that you don’t spend all your time imagining being aloneYou get to know yourself. Ask yourself a question and try to know yourself

    If you go to some open place, this will open your mind and you can try to understand yourself well.

    Whatever is already in your mind. Leave it empty then you can learn something new.

Learn something new every day

  1. Learn something new every day- be amazed like a baby and younot only to be humble; You’d better be prepared to learn still,teach yourself something new, such as a language or craftsmanship, and

    Practice to get better. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, we learn something new. So mistakes do happen.

    You learn from them. Learning has a positive effect on your health.

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